Is It Safe To Order Food In Train?

The COVID scare may be a thing of the past. However, the dreadful era taught everyone to be self-sufficient and self-reliant. More importantly, it reinforced the adage that health is wealth. A healthy body has the potency to ward off any kind of infection – big or small. So while we take all possible precautions to safeguard our health when we are at home, travel days leave us exposed to vulnerabilities. One of the most common concerns faced during travel is the safety related to outside food.  

The typical thought would be to carry home-cooked food. This definitely takes care of hygiene and quality of food along with concerns of foods passing through multiple hands. But packing food from home is not always possible. Furthermore, when travelling in large groups, packing food in bulk is not convenient. Also, packing enough food for long-distance travel along with taking sufficient measures to ensure its freshness is always challenging. But the order food in train facilities, backed by the online train ticket booking service, is now seen as an effective solution to keep the risks and infections at bay and to safeguard oneself during travel days as well. 

What Is e-Catering?

Gone are the days when food purchased from railway platforms and the ones prepared in the train’s pantry were the only ways to remain satiated during a train journey. Given the many concerns associated with contaminated food consumption during travel, the e-catering service was launched by the Indian Railways. This online order food in train facility helps passengers order food from their favourite restaurants and get it delivered on the train. Being aware of the taste and food quality of the food from your favourite restaurants automatically settles the concerns of food hygiene, quality, and taste. For added convenience, the food is delivered straight to your seat. 

The process of online food booking or eCatering is simple. The facility can be availed through any IRCTC-approved food partner app or website. Simply get online through a reliable food partner mobile app or website and explore the diverse menu options, choose your preferred meal, and place the order. The food order booking is done using the 10-digit PNR number or the train number. Choose your food delivery station and make an online payment. The process of ordering food in train is complete once you receive a successful order confirmation. The food will be delivered on the train at your seat number. 

How Does Order Food In Train Ensure Safety?

Order food in train is one of the most widely availed travel-related services. While the facility is extremely convenient for the passengers, many often argue about its safety and health standards. However, IRCTC has many steps and checks in place to ensure that the food delivered in the train is fresh and healthy

Settles The Demerits Associated With Packing Home-Cooked Food

While home-cooked food scores well on all parameters, it is inconvenient to pack food for travel. Also, packing food for long-distance travel compromises its freshness. Eating stale food is seen as one of the biggest causes of food poisoning. The order food in train allows you to order food fresh.

Avoids Congestion At Food Stalls

Many may think of getting down during the scheduled halts to get food packed from the stalls stationed at the railway platforms. But avoiding overcrowding gatherings is one key piece of advice from the health authorities. With the convenience of ordering food on the train online, you skip all infection high points. 

Online Food Order Through the App 

The order food in train service is easily available through mobile phone applications and on partner websites. Simply download the application of your preferred IRCTC-authorized food partner or log in to the website from your laptop. Follow some simple steps to order your favourite food from your favourite restaurant. Based on the information provided for online train ticket booking, like station name, seat number, etc., the food will be delivered to the scheduled station at your seat number. Isn’t it really easy?

Hygienic Food from FSSAI-Approved Restaurants 

Only IRCTC-approved restaurants are allowed to serve food on trains. These food partners are FSSAI-approved. Hence, food preparations are completely in line with the norms and standards set by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India. These restaurants and their kitchens are examined and inspected regularly. Also, the packed food passes through stringent quality checks to ensure the passengers get hygienic and fresh food during their train travel. 

Contactless Delivery

Contactless delivery was one of the key measures adopted during the COVID-19 outbreak. Given its many positives, the method is still in practice. It ensures that there is zero direct touch. The delivery personnel wear protective gloves and masks while they deliver food. Their delivery bags are sanitized properly to ensure food and passenger safety. 

Wide Choice

Not all passengers have the same dietary needs. While the children will be craving a pizza, thali, or a sweet dessert, the elderly will want a platter of fresh fruits, soups, hot beverages, and more. Understandably, the railway pantry cannot address all needs. But fret not! Ordering food in the train facility allows you to grab a bite of what you need and desire. The partner portals come up with a wide variety of food menus. Simply explore the wide range and order food at your convenience


Travelling by train has become all the more pleasurable and safe. In addition to the thrill of going on a vacation, or meeting a loved one, the journey becomes memorable because of the availability of superior online travel-related services. While online train ticket booking has been much of a relief, the order food in train is a step ahead for added convenience. Thanks to the many initiatives taken by the IRCTC to ensure passenger safety, the service to order food in trains is both a step above home-cooked food and pantry preparations. The convenience of online order placing with superior back-end monitoring, the online order ensures delivery of healthy, fresh, and hygienic food to your seat. 

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