16 Must-Try Online Games For Office Teams

Looking for online games for office teams? Looking for exciting ways to engage and bond with your colleagues? In this blog post, we’ve curated a list of online games for office teams that are not only enjoyable but also foster camaraderie among coworkers. From quick icebreakers to team-building challenges, these virtual games for office are guaranteed to inject a dose of fun into your workday. 

Table Of Contents

  • Online Games For Office Teams
  • 1/
  • 2/ Jackbox Party Pack
  • 3/ Guess the Sound
  • 4/ Movie Emoji Quiz
  • 5/ Name That Tune
  • 6/ Mario Kart Tour
  • 7/ Virtual Escape Room
  • 8/ Online Trivia Night
  • 9/ Online Werewolf/Mafia
  • 10 /GeoGuessr
  • Fun Online Games To Play With Coworkers
    • 1/ Meme Madness Showdown
    • 2/ Desk Decor Derby
    • 3/ Virtual Talent Showcase
    • 4/ Quick Draw Duel
    • 5/ Virtual Snack Swap
    • 6/ Codenames
  • Conclusion

Here are online games for office teams that are sure to bring some fun to your virtual workspace:


Challenge your team’s artistic skills with this online drawing and guessing game Guess what your colleagues are sketching and let the laughter begin!

2/ Jackbox Party Pack

A collection of hilarious party games suitable for virtual play. From trivia to drawing contests, Jackbox has it all. You can play this game via platform: Various (Steam, PlayStation, Xbox, etc.)

3/ Among Us – Online games for office teams

Unmask the impostors among your team in this thrilling multiplayer game. Work together to complete tasks and root out the hidden saboteurs.

4/ Drawful 2

A drawing and guessing game where players create hilarious drawings based on prompts. Can your team decipher the doodles?

3/ Guess the Sound

Play various sounds during your virtual meetings and have your team guess what they are. From quirky office noises to everyday sounds, it’s a guessing game that’s ear-resistible.

4/ Movie Emoji Quiz

Share a series of movie titles represented by emojis. Challenge your team to decode the emojis and guess the films. Movie buffs, this one’s for you!

5/ Name That Tune

Play a snippet of a song during meetings and see who can guess the title and artist first. It’s a musical way to infuse some energy into your virtual gatherings.

6/ Mario Kart Tour

Take a break from work and indulge in some friendly competition with Mario Kart Tour. Race against each other for the title of office Mario Kart champion!

7/ Virtual Escape Room

Get ready to embark on a virtual escape room adventure where you’ll have to work together to solve mind-bending puzzles and escape within the time limit.

8/ Online Trivia Night

Host a virtual trivia night for your team. Prepare questions in advance or use trivia apps, and enjoy some friendly competition.

9/ Online Werewolf/Mafia

Embrace your detective side in this social deduction game. Work together to identify the werewolves or mafia members among your team.

10 /GeoGuessr

Test your team’s geography knowledge by virtually exploring random locations worldwide. It’s possible to determine your location by analyzing your surroundings.

Fun Online Games To Play With Coworkers

1/ Meme Madness Showdown:

Each team member shares their favorite meme, and the team votes on the funniest one. Prepare for a virtual meme feast!

2/ Desk Decor Derby:

Transform your virtual space into a creative haven with a Desk Decor Derby. Each team member gets a set time to spruce up their workspace. The team votes on the most innovative setup, and the winner gets bragging rights.

3/ Virtual Talent Showcase:

From singing to juggling, let each colleague showcase their unique skills. It’s a fantastic way to appreciate the diversity within your team.

4/ Quick Draw Duel:

Ignite creativity with a Quick Draw Duel. Pair up team members and challenge them to a quick drawing contest. Themes can range from “Dream Vacation” to “The Perfect Coffee Mug.”

5/ Virtual Snack Swap:

Share your snack of choice in Virtual Snack Swap. Each team member introduces their favorite work snack, and the team votes on the tastiest-sounding treat. It’s a delicious way to connect over shared cravings.

6/ Codenames – Online games for office teams

A word-based game that challenges your team’s communication skills. Can you find the secret agents without revealing the opposing team’s spies?

Explore these games to infuse joy and connection into your virtual workplace. For more team-building activities, check out Pick An Event. So go ahead, try them out, and see the friendship grow!


Online games for office teams offer a refreshing and enjoyable way to foster team spirit, boost morale, and strengthen connections among colleagues. Whether you’re unleashing your creativity or engaging in friendly trivia competitions, these games bring fun to the workspace. 

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